Sven-Olov has the reputation of being one of the finest flytiers and salmon flycasters of today – he has been teaching both disciplines for many years. His courses are intensive and will give you a really good possibility to achieve your ambitions.

Salmon fly tying

In this course Sven-Olov will give you an insight of the history from the bygone days. It deals with materials, hooks, styling and a lot of techniques.

Through skilful "step-by-step" instructions you will practise to make a simple strip-wing fly and finally end up with the difficult fully dressed pattern. Sven-Olov will guide you through all the secrets involved in this lovely art form.



In this course Sven-Olov will teach you how to make the classic Speycast – the intention is also meant to make you a more effective, elegant and better fisherman.

You will be told about the history of spey casting, when and why the cast was developed, and something about suitable rods, lines etc. You will be guided through all the elements of this cast, from the basic rollcast to the more difficult single – and double speycasts.

There will be plenty of time to practise since this way of casting differs so much from traditional flycasting.

Speycasting can definitely be termed "Fishing Poetry in motion". Join Sven-Olov and learn this lovely art of flycasting!

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