The denSven-Olov has a collection of old materials – much of it was purchased when no-one ever dreamed of the future scarcity of some rare plumages or threatened species.

Of course, his interest and regular contact with the salmon fly-dressers from the House of Hardys, placed him in a very favourable seat to share materials and skills with craftsmen from that famous company.

Sven-Olov has always sought to master the right techniques and still can tie most of the classic patterns on old hooks using feathers from bygone


All Sven-Olov's flies are tied by hand, without the use of a vice, which many people might find peculiar, but he appreciates the close contact with the materials. .

  Today handmade hooks from the past are hard to come by, but thanks to some skillful craftsmen Sven-Olov still can dress his flies exactly as the originals – not only for his own satisfaction but also for collectors world wide.